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Drupal web development


Drupal – each aspect of your site can be themed to your personal vision. There is hardly any flaw. It has been observed as a robust, flexible and dependable CMS platform. Drupal has an amazing collection of modules for every type of business. Drupal is the most effective CMS from the long term perspective.

Drupal is a very powerful website CMS that used to be used for large, complex sites worldwide. Various SEO giants call it as the Best Platform for SEO. It builds internally to automate the huge amount of contents and provide in depth control to site owner on every part. This is the reason, Drupal has been called as the most scalable, easy to configure and usability.

Advantages on Drupal

  • SEO Friendly website CMS
  • The most valuable items like plugins and modules are absolutely free of cost
  • Very large community base across Globe, who are highly passionate on Drupal
  • Can be very effectively integrated with Google Analytics
  • Can do multiple user management
  • Drupal internally built with taxonomy
  • Ability to revise and correct the contents in the site
  • With the support of CCK , user can create an advanced custom views of content types

What we have done @ Clorida

  • We built more than 30 sites for our clients
  • Our developers have strong plugin development experience
  • We understand the client better and hence delivered the projects on time
  • We supported our clients for migration of their sites to Drupal 8