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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP based open source web application framework. It follows MVC Architecture and streamline the monotonous tasks used in building web applications like routing, authentication, caching and sessions etc. Laravel has also been called as full-stack framework, since it accomplishes to carryout all required tasks extending from web services and database management to HTML generation.

Laravel is a vertically integrated environment for web development to enhance and smoothening the workflow for the programmers.

Unlike other vertically coordinated conditions, Laravel is one of a kind in its method for organizing tradition over setup. Truth be told, while numerous PHP structures request a heavyduty XML setup before beginning the real undertaking, Laravel needs just a couple of lines of PHP code to be altered and it ends up plainly prepared to utilize.


Using our terminal we can issue the following commands to create or drop tables in our database:

Command Description
$ php artisan migrate:install Creates the migration repository
$ php artisan migrate:make Creates a migration file
$ php artisan migrate:refresh Resets and reruns all the migrations
$ php artisan migrate:reset Rollback all the database migrations
$ php artisan migrate:rollback Rollback the last database migration



  • Fast Developments - Modular automatic packing system helps to save time & labour. Customization and installation processes are very simple
  • Features List - Laravel allows simple app extensions and its packages made the development easy
  • In built features ensures well developed coding
  • Auto Loading - It makes PHP class automated loading.
  • Fabulous Migrations
  • Eloquent supports query building in Laravel allowing execution between databases and multiple objects

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