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Pre Hypertext Processor (PHP) is the fastest growing technology in the web development world. Though it is server side scripting language, is also an embedded language to create dynamic websites with embed PHP code with HTML and Javascript. It is secured, most widely supported and any technical issues can be resolved quickly since its community is very vast.

PHP is used to enhance web pages and is cost effective solution for database applications. PHP also provide assistance to platforms like Windows, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux, MAC OS X and QNX etc.

At Clorida we have more than twenty years of combined experience in developing and deploying solutions in PHP and our software developers are highly efficient and rich experienced contributors for PHP community and are experts in using its frameworks, Zend, Zoop, Symfony, Seagull, Prado, CodeIgniter , CakePHP and TYPO3.

Why Clorida for PHP Application Development

  • Highly competent PHP experts for building your applications
  • Development of applications customized to meet your business objectives
  • On time delivery with highest quality standards
  • Scalable applications and is being built in LAMP platform
  • Passionate developers with strong expertise in various advanced level frameworks